Cross the Threshold
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Explore effective strategies for overcoming school’s challenges

What we do matters.

Dr. Chris Sweigart

We came into education to teach.
Only to find significant challenges in the classroom have too often stood in our way. And in our students’ way.
At times it feels as though society has asked more of us continually. Not just to be the children’s teachers. But to take on the mantles of counselor, social worker, and sometimes even parent.
In a way, it makes sense as we have nearly unparalleled access to students. And the stakes are so high for them. What we do each day, each moment—right now—with our students can help shape the course of their lives. In brief, what we do matters.
When we only have so much time in a school day yet so much on our plates, we need strategies and practices that actually work. That are still feasible for us as we focus ultimately on instruction. Our students, especially, need approaches that are most likely to foster their success.
My goal at Limened is to lift some of the load for educators. I sift through the research to provide detailed guides and resources for the most effective and practical strategies for promoting student—and teacher—success.

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